perhaps the sole avenue of creativity

Apr 04

oh god

i love you.

i do.

please come back to me.

Mar 31

untouchable heart

'idiosyncratic' is best used to describe the heart

without rhyme or reason

defying logic even

despite all the things i think i might not like about you

i don’t just like you

i love you

and that’s the heart

an untouchable heart

because of you

it’s amazing the way you’ve made me feel

now i know how precious that tingle is

never rang since you

Mar 19

living a life for today, but also for tomorrow

perhaps she’s a sign that god has given me, a gentle reminder that the future is inevitable.

everytime i see her, it makes me re-think my actions. i should be headed in a different direction cos that’s not where i want to be.

beauty fades away. i don’t want to be sad and lonely.

Mar 01

awfully sick & tired

it really sucks to be feeling like this

so awfully tired

and aching everywhere

and being sick for one whole month

all i really want is some rest

but no rest is in sight

it’s just gonna get busier

but it’s okay

i know we adapt

we all adapt


i’ll be


Feb 26

wait not for the best time

yesterday i had a realization

there’s such thing as a best time

to get something done

however i musn’t wait my whole life to do it

i should just do it

or i will never get to it

just do it

just think it

it is fantastic to be alive.


i don’t wish to call it luck

it isn’t a coincidence

it is faith

it is a faith that goods things happen to me

Feb 25


the price of being free-spirited.


if you don’t listen

i won’t talk

and baby

i don’t even talk that much.

haven’t fallen

it’s been a long time

since my heart has fallen

or even vaguely felt a tug

i miss that feeling

the skip of the heart

the anticipation

the ridiculous frequency of checking of the hp

what has happened?

the demands

fact is

people do want something from you all the time

and that’s okay

in giving what you want

i’m becoming who i want to be as well

and these days

all i want is to rest

i don’t care if you like me

or if you don’t

if you’re happy or if you’re not

because honestly

i am just too tired.